Cosmic Connection #1: Mission Accomplished/Rockit Richee, Children’s Musician & Entertainer!

Welcome Schools, Parents and all Children’s Music enthusiasts,

I, Rockit Richee a Children’s Musician & Entertainer, would like to welcome everyone to my new website:

In this website you’ll find: Blogs, Free Music Downloads, Rockit Richee Merchandise(Rockit Shop) and information about Rockit Richee and his journey as a Children’s Musician & Entertainer.

Blog posts will be updated weekly and will contain: Song Lyrics of the Week, updates on new children’s music and details on upcoming events featuring Rockit Richee. The “Rockit” blog posts will be a galaxy of information to keep the Rockit Richee fans around the universe updated on current “Rockit” news!

I am super excited to embark on new journeys and share them with all of you through the new website!

In 2018, Rockit Richee flew to new heights and was presented with fresh intergalactic challenges, including:

  • Releasing Rockit Richee’s album: “When I Grow Up” and getting it released in CD form and streaming it on all music streaming platforms. (iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Iheartradio, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, Napster and more.)
  • Creating Rockit Richee Merchandise, including: Maracas, Tambourines, Stickers, Cds: “When I Grow Up,” Family Combo Pack and Classroom Combo Pack.
  • Exhibiting at three education conferences; which included communicating to Teachers, Administrators and Parents about Rockit Richee’s Music & Programs!
  • Hiring a website design company (Flawless Website Design) to create a streamlined website so people like you can have instant access to Rockit Richee’s Music, Merchandise and Information about Rockit Richee’s Classes & Concerts!

I’m excited to say: “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!” And I am also ecstatic about the new adventures that I will be embarking on and then sharing with you, the Rockit Richee Rocking Fans!

Please feel free to browse the site, download music and even contact me with any questions about bringing Rockit Richee to your classroom, school event & even Birthday Parties! On this post, you will find a link to the website and a link to free Rockit Richee music downloads!

Now onto to new intergalactic adventures,

Rockit Richee

Children’s Musician & Entertainer

PS. Don’t forget you free Music Downloads!

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